Illustrative Investments & Partnerships

Investment Criteria

Kinship Capital performs rigorous quantitative and qualitative diligence on all investment opportunities, with additional evaluation of operating partners and joint venture participants.

Growth-Oriented Joint Ventures

Our growth-oriented investments focus on properties that can be improved through development, redevelopment, lease-up, and repositioning, with the objective of growing net operating income.

Kinship’s growth-oriented investments are typically IRR driven and seek significant capital appreciation over short and medium term hold periods.

Duration-Oriented Joint Ventures

Our duration-driven investment program targets superior locations where long-term ownership will unlock significant value at a point in time, often through lease expiration and reletting, land entitlement, or conversion to higher and better use.

Duration-oriented investments are underwritten to achieve significant equity multiples through cash flow and capital appreciation over long term hold periods.

Strategic Investments

Our strategic investments target opportunities that complement our broader real estate portfolio. We seek to develop long term strategic relationships (10 years or more), with real estate operators and investment managers.

Strategic investments include programmatic general partner level investments, anchor investments with emerging managers and operators as well as LP investments in complementary real estate funds.

Investment Size

Institutional-scale equity investments, typically majority positions.

Product Types

Focus on Multifamily, Office, Life Science, and Industrial. Retail and Hospitality are considered on a selective basis.

Investment Duration

1 to 50+ Years

Indicative Markets

Kinship Capital has leveraged its institutional-scale financial strength, resources, and sophistication to build a nationwide portfolio of real estate across a range of markets. The team’s focus is on Multifamily, Office, Life Science, and Industrial assets. Retail and Hospitality opportunities are considered on a selective basis.