Kinship Capital is a private real estate investment firm founded on 125 years of family business success. The company makes growth oriented and duration driven investments in the U.S. across a variety of product types including office, retail, multi-family, hospitality, and industrial real estate. The Kinship team has built an institutional scale portfolio while retaining an entrepreneurial approach to the investment process.

Kinship’s structural flexibility and 50 year investment horizon regularly prove to provide a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace. Building on seven generations of family legacy, Kinship Capital is committed to the next century of success.

Illustrative Joint Ventures

Illustrative Strategic Investments

In addition to joint venture investments, Kinship Capital has developed long term strategic relationships (10 years or more), with various real estate operators and investment managers.

GP Capital Investment

Kinship Capital committed programmatic GP capital to an investor/operator with the option for follow-on LP capital on a deal-by-deal basis.

Anchor Fund Investment

Kinship Capital structured a significant anchor investment in an emerging manager’s first fund as part of a long duration relationship.