The Kinship Advantage

No outside investors. No single investment hurdle. No limit on hold period.

The Kinship Advantage

No outside investors. No single investment hurdle. No limit on hold period.

Kinship Capital is a family-owned entrepreneurial real estate firm unconstrained by many of the typical limitations of equity investors.

  Kinship Capital Other Equity Sources
Fundraising None Yes
Return Targets Flexible Typically Fixed
Hold Periods Up to 50 Years Typically less than 7 Years
Cash Needs None Varied

Generational Investment Horizon

Kinship’s real estate investment mandate is simple: generate significant capital appreciation over 50+ years. While many investors focus on hold periods less than 5 years and often manage to return “optics”, fundraising cycles, and liquidity, Kinship invests without structural or funding constraints. Investments are only realized when project value has been maximized, thus mitigating inherent cyclical risk in the real estate sector.

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Real Estate Values $$$ $
0 YearsYrs
5 YearsYrs
10 YearsYrs
35+ YearsYrs
84% of Investors: Limited to 10 years or less
Kinship Capital: No limit on hold period
Cost Basis


3 years after acquiring a property at the an opportune time in the real estate cycle, the fund has leased the vacancy and sells in good market conditions for a small gain in anticipation of their next fundraising cycle.


5 years after acquiring a property, Kinship has leased the vacancy and recognizes that core buyers are paying record prices for stabilized assets and elects to sell for a substantial gain.


6 years after acquiring a property, the fund’s investment period has expired following a major market downturn. Disincentivized or unable to wait for recovery, the Fund sells at a loss.


8 years after acquiring a property, the Pension Fund’s CIO resigns after 3 years of poor portfolio performance. The new CIO alters the real estate strategy and forces a sale at a loss.


10 years after acquiring a property, the REIT has suffered 4 years of poor returns reflected by a low share price. A new management team’s restructuring efforts force a sale at a loss, even as fundamentals are improving.


15 years after acquiring a property, Kinship has acquired additional surrounding parcels and obtained entitlements for the assemblage to build at a higher density. The property is sold to a developer for a substantial gain.


18 years after acquiring a property, Kinship has enjoyed significant cash flow and refinanced the property 3 times. While market conditions are soft, Kinship sells at a gain to refocus on opportunistic acquisitions.


23 years after acquiring a property, Kinship has held through multiple cycles. Recognizing improving market conditions, Kinship contributes the property into a new JV at a gain. The new JV will redevelop the asset for an even bigger gain.


50 years after acquiring a property, Kinship has enjoyed significant cash flow and refinanced the property 8 times, redeploying the loan proceeds into dozens of other properties alongside its original JV partner.


This illustration depicts a single hypothetical real estate investment made simultaneously by a variety of different equity investors (the green bar). The gray bars represent disposition values for other investors, while the orange bars represent disposition values for Kinship.

Financial Strength & Sophistication

Greater Chicago

Kinship is focused on investments in the City of Chicago.

Greater Denver

Kinship is seeking real estate investments in Denver and Boulder.

South Florida

Kinship targets real estate investments in Miami and Palm Beach.

Greater Los Angeles

Kinship is seeking real estate investments in Los Angeles, with a focus on western and downtown submarkets.

Greater Minneapolis

Kinship plans to expand acquisition efforts into Minneapolis.

Greater New York

New York remains a target for Kinship’s investment efforts.

Greater San Francisco

The greater San Francisco Bay Area remains a core focus for Kinship.


While Kinship is focused on the 7 gateway markets depicted here, Kinship also selectively evaluates opportunities in other markets throughout the United States alongside trusted operating partners.

Kinship Capital has leveraged its institutional-scale financial strength, resources, and sophistication to build a nationwide portfolio of real estate with concentration in major “gateway” markets. The team makes investments in all major product types including office, retail, multifamily, hospitality, and industrial real estate.

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Entrepreneurial Approach

Kinship Capital brings an entrepreneurial approach and contrarian perspective to its investment strategies, which has generated robust risk-adjusted performance through cycles. Partnerships with Kinship offer flexible and tailored investment and joint venture structures to maximize project returns.

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Commercial Property Price Indices


Kinship Capital began significant acquisition efforts at the bottom of the market when most investors were unable or unwilling to invest.

Centuries of Success

Kinship Capital is founded on seven generations of family legacy. Starting with the family’s original business formation in the 1880s, through the evolution of an industry leading global corporation, and more recently the genesis of dozens of other companies and investment vehicles, our organization has a heritage of forward-looking leadership focused on the next century of business success.